Business of the Month

Each month our Business Affairs Committee selects a business to be recognized in the Kernersville News. This recognition is sponsored by the Kernersville News, and includes a plaque, photo opportunity and story about the business.

The committee alternates categories to select one business to be recognized. The criteria for selection is that the business must be a current member, have been a member for at least 2 years, and not received the award within the last 5 years. When there are multiple businesses eligible within a category, the selection is made based on that businesses involvement in various civic activities.


January – Farmers Feed and Seed
February – Hayworth Miller
March – Belfor
April –
May –
June –

(Archived list below!)

The recognition is not an opinion on the success of the business, but more so on the perception on being a corporate citizen. The recognition is not an award, but more of a “spotlight” on a particular business.




2018 Recipients

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2017 Recipients

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2016 Recipients

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2015 Recipients

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2014 Recipients

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