January 2019 Update

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Getting the most out of your membership…

New year, new you! We all have those resolutions to hit the gym more, cut back on sweets and save more money, right!? How many Chamber members have the resolution to get more out of their membership? Hopefully, all of you! 2019 is going to be the year to stop writing a check to the Chamber but to actually get involved. Time is something we all seem to be short on but luckily for you we have many ways to get active that involve little time commitments.

  • Read your weekly Chamber Connect. Getting bogged down with emails can certainly be a drag but reading your weekly newsletter is the best way to stay on top of upcoming events, new members and community activities.
  • Attend a networking event or meeting. Did you know that we have monthly networking opportunities here? Meet us at our next Business Before Hours on January 17th at the new Hampton Inn to get your feet wet! Each month we will have an after or before hours at different locations to give you the unique opportunity to network with Chamber members and their guests. We also have two networking groups. One that meets on Tuesdays at 8AM or Thursdays at Noon. Stop by and visit whichever one fits your schedule!
  • Join a committee- the best way to meet the most people is to join one of our 20 plus committees. Whether you want to commit to a monthly meeting year round like Governmental Affairs or Ambassadors or you want to commit to a seasonal committee like Music at Twilight or the Golf Tournament.

These are just a few ways to kick start your new year and your Chamber membership. Remember, the staff is only a short call, visit or email away from helping you reach your potential!