Ridge Care jobs available

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First Shift: 1CNA/PCA Part Time either 6am-2pm or 7am-3pm (Will float between those shift times).

                 1 Med Tech CNA/PCA (Med Techs are on 12 hour shifts, so hours are 7am-7pm) Full Time

                 1 Med Tech CNA/PCA 7am-7pm Part Time


Second Shift: 1 CNA/PCA Full Time 3pm-11pm

                      1 CNA/PCA Part Time 3pm-11pm


Third Shift: 2 Full time Med Tech CNA/PCA 7pm-7am

                  1 Part Time Med Tech CNA/PCA 7pm-7am

                  1 Part Time CNA/PCA 11pm-7am


We are offering a $500 sign on bonus ONLY for CNAs' and Med Techs'. PCA's we are hiring with or without certificates. If they do not have a PCA certificate Ridge care will pay for them to take the class.


We are having a open interview luncheon next Wednesday July 22, 2020 from 11am-1pm for anyone who wants to drop by to put in application and speak with managers.