Shepherd's Center of Kernersville Executive Director

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Executive Director Job Description


Reports to: The Board of Directors


Summary:  The Executive Director acts as the Chief Executive Officer of The Shepherd’s Center of Kernersville and is responsible for the overall management and direction of the organization in accordance with its vision and mission. The Director works under the general oversight of the Board of Directors.


Overview: The Executive Director provides oversight and overall management, planning, vision and leadership for all aspects of The Shepherd’s Center including programs and services, finance, resource development, human resources, communications, Senior Center activities and programs, and board development. The Director assumes a leadership role in partnering with collaborating businesses, foundations, government officials, other nonprofits, and supporters. The Executive Director works with the Board and Board Committees to establish vision, policies, strategic focus, priorities, and general scope of programs the center will deliver.




  1. Support and work with the Board of Directors


  • The Executive Director will take direction from the Board of Directors and work with the Board to assure that The Shepherd’s Center operates with a clear mission and a planning that is consistent with the mission.
  • Working collaboratively with board members and representatives of other organizations the Executive Director strives to strengthen The Shepherd’s Center’s capacity to provide resources and programs suitable for this community. The Executive Director will keep the Board informed about issues and events which impact the center as an association.
  • Keep the Board of Directors fully informed on conditions, opportunities, issues, and challenges for The Shepherd’s Center and the environment in which it operates so that the Board can carry out is governance, financial oversight and leadership role.
  • Work with the Board, on a yearly basis, to plan ways to carry forward the plans of The Shepherd’s Center.
  • Provide for the coordination of Board meetings and communications.
  • Serve as staff member to all Board and ad hoc committees unless otherwise directed.



  1. Management of Office along with Board Leadership


  • Responsibility for the recruitment, employment, and release of all personnel
  • Provide overall staff direction and supervision (directly supervise staff), develop work plans with staff which includes objectives, inputs and outcomes, and timeline for the programs and services to be carried out.
  • Ascertains that employment policies are adhered to in all employment practices and partners with the Board to implement changes.
  • Provide ongoing management to assure the organization stays within approved plans and budgets.
  • Develop contracts with outside vendors, professional organizations, and capacity builders and institute with staff quality assurance and supervision strategies to assure effective performance.
  • Represent the organization in negotiations with contractors.
  • Effectively manage the human resources of The Shepherd’s Center in a manner which supports a productive, professionally competent work force in an environment respectful of personal well-being and cultural diversity. Manage hiring, firing, and resolution of grievances.
  • Develop effective and ongoing relationships with media, and represent The Shepherd’s Center in all media relations by participating in interviews, developing press releases, and all other media type engagements.
  • Promote active and broad participation by volunteers in all areas
  • Maintain official records and documents, and ensure compliance with federal state, and local regulations


  1. Manage Finance and Fundraising
  • Preparation of the annual budget and other necessary financial documents. Provides information and justifications for the Board of Directors in its budgetary review and approval process.
  • Develop relationship with donors of The Shepherd’s Center and maintain regular communications with donors and financial supporters.
  • Develop relationships with local ministers and civic club leaders
  • Work with the Director of Development to identify grant opportunities, develop proposals, and make sure the required reporting is sent to funding sources.
  • Contract for and oversee annual audit
  • Monitor expenditures and income, plan for core budget self-sufficiency.
  • Maintain assets of corporation.


  1. Develop and Coordinate Advocacy Efforts
  • Build relationships with state and local government officials.
  • Develop relationships with state and national organizations involved in nonprofit issues.


  1. Management of Program and Services
  • Oversee the development of cutting edge capacity building programs and services as needed.
  • Ensure program quality and consistency with organizational goals through ongoing evaluation of programs and services to determine effectiveness and participant and service recipient satisfaction.
  • Work with Board and staff to develop policies for all program processes.
  • Oversee development and coordination of events and new programs, publications, website, and service provider relationships.
  • Develop and maintain corporate and business relationships.





  • 4-year degree in area such as business, human services, or public administration
  • Prefers 5-years of nonprofit management experience
  • Prefers 3-years staff management experience
  • Fundraising, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Supervisory and personnel experience
  • Financial management background including drafting budget
  • Experience working with board of directors
  • Evidence of commitment to human services
  • Proficient in Microsoft software, Excel, Quick Books
  • Prefer experience in community leadership and involvement


This is a full-time exempt position


The Shepherd’s Center is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the belief that each individual is entitle to equal employment opportunity