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We started this company with the goal to provide professional background screening and personalized service to organizations viewed as “small potatoes” by most screening firms because of low volume. Over a decade later, this remains one of our core competencies, as we have continued to enhance and expand our capabilities to provide premium Fortune 500 level background screening products and services to any size organization, anywhere in the country. Plus, we realized no two organization are alike, so we don’t force our clients to settle for a “canned” solution and make them pay for things they don’t need or worse, not give them what they do, because it’s not in the “pre-configured can“. Instead, we take time to understand our client’s needs and work with them to tailor our products and services into custom packages to meet the unique needs of their organization.
These goals were founding principles when we started and have remained our focus today, allowing us to grow exponentially without losing sight of what makes us special, and that is; Caring about our client's success as much as we care about our own!

Our company values are based on our founder’s principal focus of honoring Jesus in how we earn a living, and how we interact with our customers, applicants, employees, and the public. Therefore, we respect and honor everyone regardless of their individual beliefs enabling what we do to demonstrate that we truly love and care about people. Our values accordingly are:

• Honesty in Our Work
• Integrity in Our Relationships
• Excellence in Our Execution
• Love in Our Service to Others

Our promise is to care about protecting you, your employees, your organization, and the public more than making a buck. This means we’re going to take the time to get it right the first time and not take short cuts in our processes, reporting, compliance, or service to you.


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