Education in Kernersville

Eating for Education

Always the second Wednesday in July, August and September! Come eat and support our local schools!

The following were 2024 participating restaurants:



Blue Skies Creamery Ice Cream Truck

LaMonona Food Truck


East Coast Wings & Grill

Mad Greek Grill

Outwest Steakhouse & Saddleroom

Smitty’s Grille

The Loop

Captain Tom’s Seafood & Oyster Bar

Gypsy Road Brewing Company

Culver's (4pm to 8pm only)

Damn Yankee's Deli & Catering (July & September Only)

McDonald's (Walkertown)

Sixty-Six Grill

Shopping for Education - September 14, 2024

Shopping for Education      

This event works like Eating for Education. A portion of the sales will come back to the Chamber for our Education Funds. This means more grants for Kernersville Teachers. Please support this event.

The following were 2024 participating Stores will be released soon, stay tuned. 

Kernersville Chamber Teacher Grant Program

Teacher Grant Application: Click here
How to video: Kernersville Chamber: How to apply for a Teacher Grant
The Kernersville Chamber of Commerce raises money each year to fund special projects in our public school system. We are committed to creating a strong business community. One of the ways to accomplish this is by improving the educational opportunities available to our public school students. The Teacher Grant Program is an effort to provide a unique educational experience for students in elementary, middle and high schools. Funds for unique educational programs are very limited, and teachers are providing many supplies and materials out of their own pockets.

Grants will be provided to suitable projects that add value to the learning experience in a classroom. Where possible, the project should directly benefit both the class and the school.

The applicant must complete the application form with sufficient detail for the committee to be able to judge the viability of the grant request. Projects will not be evaluated if the budget and/or description are too vague.

A teacher may re-apply for the same project or a continuation of a larger project in the next annual grant cycle.

Submitting the Completed Form

Teachers shall submit a completed application(s) to the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce via email at  

Please note that previous year winners must wait one school year before applying again.

Examples of Typical Projects That Could Be Recommended for Grants:
  • Educational decorations for a classroom
  • Class project materials and supplies
  • Funding a guest speaker
  • Special instructional materials
  • Specialized classroom furniture/fixtures

We ensured that every school received at least one grant. We selected the Special Education/ESL grant and arts grants regardless of school. Then, the education grant committee selected the best of the remaining grants regardless of which school they came from.

Education Project Ideas Available For Businesses to Directly Support

The Kernersville Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting public education. One of the ways we do this is by raising funds from our chamber member businesses, seeking proposals from teachers and then funding as many as possible. In September of 2013 we awarded a record 44 grants to teachers in all of the Kernersville area schools. Even after giving out a record number of grants there are many great ideas still available for funding. Perhaps one of these matches the interest of your business.
As you can see from the list below many of the ideas involve updated technology and “hands on” teaching techniques that promote learning.

Below is a list of ideas proposed by teachers in the Kernersville area schools. We can provide interested businesses with the description of the project submitted by the teachers. While we invited proposals of up to $1,000 many of the proposals were for smaller amounts. We welcome any businesses or individuals to select one of the ideas below and contacting the teacher directly to offer your support.

  • Story Works program
  • Resource cabinet for entire K staff
  • Genetic/organism lesson (Science)
  • Wind Experiment (Science)
  • Cross country track (PE)
  • Dollhouses (Life Skills)
  • Class set novels (NC Literature)
  • Molecule Modeling (Chemistry)
  • Hispanic & global ebooks (English)
  • Graphic novel genre addition (Media)
  • Reflecting our Hispanic/Latinx Culture
  • K’NEX roller coaster kits (Math)
  • Poetry Songwriting Unit (Lang Arts)
  • BRAINball-Learning Through Play
  • Hands on Learning
  • Tour Around the World:  People, Cultures, and the Environment
  • Making Words Mighty
  • For the Love of Science and Math
  • Ipads for the Classroom
Need some help with your education grant application? Check out these helpful tips on getting your application noticed: Top Ten Ways to Get Your Grant Noticed.

Leadership Kernersville

Leadership Kernersville is conducted each year, and has an alumni list of 200+ community leaders since its inception in 1993. This program currently operates September through May, meeting once a month for a full day. Topics include: economic development, regionalism, education, history, law enforcement, government, health care and human services. Some of our Leadership Kernersville graduates go on to participate in Piedmont Triad Network, a program that networks together leaders from the 12-county Piedmont Triad area.

Goals: Identify current and future leaders within the community. To provide insight as to how Kernersville functions as a community (both internally and externally within the piedmont Triad region and the state of North Carolina). To further prepare participants for leadership roles and involvement within the community, the region and the state.

Requirements: 18-20 program participants are selected from a pool of applicants each year. To successfully complete the experience, each participant is expected to fully participate in all monthly sessions. Any participant missing more than one monthly session can make up the missed sessions, and graduate the following year. In summary, you are allowed to miss one class to graduate on time. There will be opportunities to sample other community meetings, such as the Board of Aldermen, Planning Board, Kernersville 2023 planning committees, etc.

Alumni Testimonials: 

“Leadership Kernersville has been an eye-opening experience into the intricacies and sacrifices required to run a successful town.  Now when I drive through Kernersville, and see things such as garbage pickup, roadwork, new businesses opening, and school buses dropping kids off.  I no longer take these services for granted but realize the work, logistics, and planning that make all this possible.” – Tim Dixon, President-Solve, Inc.

"Leadership Kernersville was one of the best programs I have ever been involved with. New relationships that started, the information we received and the experiences we shared were one of a kind. I am truly grateful for being apart of the program and a graduate. Also – THE FOOD IS AMAZING!" – Steve Roberson, State Farm

“Living here less than two years, Leadership Kernersville was a great opportunity for me to get to know the town and meet so many incredible leaders in our area. I highly recommend it!” – Eddie Schmidt, Senior Associate Pastor-The Crossing Church

"Everywhere I went in Kernersville I kept hearing about how great LK was. From my Elementary school principal to community leaders in Kernersville, everyone had a great thing to say about the program. I decided to give it a go myself and I am so glad I did. You learn so much about Kernersville that you would never learn anywhere else. It gives you more appreciation for the town and everything that goes on behind the scenes. This also gives you a great opportunity to make connections with current leaders in Kernersville and the future leaders of Kernersville. This program is great for anyone both professionally and personally. I highly recommend this program to anyone with a connection to Kernersville." - Dalton Pike, Advanced Benefit Consultants

Leadership Kernersville Class of 2025 Applications - Click Here

2023-2024 Leadership Kernersville Class