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Why join the Kernersville Chamber? 
  1. Networking Opportunities: Kernersville Chamber provides a platform to connect with other local businesses, potential clients, and partners, helping you expand your professional network. (i.e. Business Social Event, Spring/Evening Golf, Women in Business Events, Young Professionals)
  2. Business Exposure: Kernersville Chamber Membership comes with listing in the chamber's website directory, giving your business increased visibility in the local community.
  3. Credibility and Trust: Being a Kernersville Chamber member will enhance your business's reputation and credibility within the local market.
  4. Advocacy and Representation: Kernersville Chamber advocates for the business community, representing your interests and concerns to local and regional authorities.
  5. Government Relations: Kernersville Chamber often has a strong relationship with local government officials, providing you with a voice in policy decisions that impact your business.
  6. Business Education: Kernersville Chamber hosts workshops, seminars, and training sessions to help members stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices. (i.e. Lunch with Leaders, Lunch and Learn, Leadership Kernersville, Education Grants)
  7. Marketing Opportunities: Kernersville Chamber organizes events, sponsorships, and advertising opportunities that can help you reach a broader audience.
  8. Referral Network: Through networking events, you can build relationships with fellow members who might refer your services to their own clients.
  9. Collaboration: Kernersville Chamber fosters collaboration between businesses, potentially leading to partnerships, joint ventures, or other mutually beneficial arrangements.
  10. Community Engagement: Kernersville Chamber Membership demonstrates your commitment to the local community, which can attract socially conscious consumers.
  11. Discounts and Benefits: Kernersville Chamber offer members exclusive discounts on various services, such as insurance, office supplies, and advertising.
  12. Business Exposure: Your business may be featured in Kernersville Chamber publications, newsletters, and social media platforms.
  13. Access to Leaders: kernersville Chamber provides opportunities to connect with local business and community leaders, opening doors for potential mentorship and advice.(i.e. Lunch with Leaders, Corks N' Candidates, Women in Business, Young Professionals, etc.)
  14. Events and Networking: Regular events, such as mixers, business luncheons, and workshops, provide chances to meet potential clients and collaborators.
  15. Community Support: Kernersville Chamber frequently engages in charitable and community service initiatives, allowing you to give back and strengthen your brand. (i.e. Spring Folly, Eating/Shopping for Edu, Sidewalk Saturday, Christmas in Kernersville, Downtown Committee, Leadership Kernersville, etc.)
  16. Market Insights: Kernersville Chamber can provide valuable insights into local market conditions, customer preferences, and economic trends.
  17. Business Growth: The connections, knowledge, and opportunities gained through Kernersville Chamber membership can contribute to the growth of your business.
  18. Recognition and Awards: Kernersville Chamber often recognizes outstanding businesses and individuals, providing opportunities for your business to gain awards and accolades. (i.e. Annual Business Awards, Teacher Grants, Annual Banquet, Business of the Month, Downtown Spotlight)


Individuals joining as one person that are not associated with a business - $115.

Individual members are eligible to attend all Chamber events and be listed as a member in our directory and online.

Join as Individual

Church/School/Civic Org

Schools, churches and civic organizations are eligible for this membership type - $130

Schools, churches and civic organization members are eligible to attend all Chamber events and be listed as a member in our directory and online.

Join as Church/School/Civic Org

Non-Profit Affiliate

This is a suborganization of a current nonprofit organization member - $130

I.e.- A daycare that is part of a church. 

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Base (Owner as only employee)

Sole owners of a business, that do not have employees, would qualify for this member type - $255

Base members are eligible to attend all Chamber events and be listed as a member in our directory and online.

Join as Base (Owner as only employee)


Businesses that range in size from 1- 801+ employees are eligible for this membership.

Business members are eligible to attend all Chamber events and be listed as a member in our directory and online.

1-5 Employees $305 

6-10 Employees $340 

11-20 Employees $385

21-30 Employees $430

31-40 Employess $455

41-50 Employees $480 

51-70 Employees $550

71-100 Employees $640

101-150 Employees $800

151-200 Employees $865

201-300 Employees $925

301-500 Employees $1,110

501-800 Employees $1,555

801 Employees $1,730

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Real Estate Agent

For real estate agents via a member real estate agency only.

Pricing may vary. Please call for specific prices if you are a Real Estate Agent.

Join as Real Estate Agent

Second Business

Same owner, different business at same address. 

Join as Second Business