Next Step Thrift Store Assistant Manager

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Job Description

Thrift Store Assistant Manager

Reports to: Thrift Store Manager

Position Summary: This position will provide support to the Thrift Store Manager as needed, including perform Store Manager duties when the Store Manager is not scheduled.


· Be professional, courteous, and friendly to all customers, volunteers and staff

· Work with the Store Manager to train all staff

· When substituting for the Store Manager:

o Supervise, coordinate volunteers and staff

o Handle customer questions and concerns

o Coordinate group volunteers if scheduled on day working

o Communicate to management any special projects or needs

o Monitor sales to staff and volunteer sales to make sure that they are handled properly and merchandise does not leave without being paid for

o Oversee donations and items sold at the store. This includes pricing and oversight of sorting through items, deciding what items are put out in stock, sent to missions, through thrown out, etc.

o Record all donations, transfers to the shelter, vouchers and other donations in the black binder

o Coordinate outside pick-ups

o Make sure that all items are priced before going out on the sales floor

· Follow cashier duties and responsibilities as described in cashier store associate job description when filling in for store cashier:

o In the role of Cashier, he/she will handle all duties of the Cashier and be responsible for ringing up all sales and for balancing the cash drawer

o Will assist Store Manager with the daily deposits, making sure the drawers are ready for use and record daily sales

· Responsible for making sure the store is clean and presentable at all times, including restrooms, behind counter and the sale floor. If time permits, dusting of items in the store and emptying of boxes, vacuuming and mopping floors, etc

· Responsible for answering store related questions or referring them to the Store Manager

· Responsible for training and submitted hours for community service workers and RSVP volunteers. Pass out handbook and sign in sheet and make sure they are completed.

· Assist Store Manager with employee reviews or corrective actions as needed

· Other duties as assigned by the Store Manager

· Answer and transfer phone calls in a professional manner

· Participation in store events

Professional Qualifications:

· Retail/resale experience a plus

· Business casual dress code

· Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

· Legible handwriting

· Good interpersonal communication skills

· Ability to operate standard cash register

· Knowledge of the use of basic cleaning materials and equipment

· Ability to accurately and quickly count change for client sales

· Desire to learn and develop new skills

· Ability to multitask

· Ability to stand for extended periods of time

· Ability to bend, squat, and lift (up to 30 lbs.) as needed

Hours 9:30-5:30 Tuesday-Saturday