Why Supporting Shop Small Saturday is so important this Year

Posted By: Ashley Sinclair News,

Each year countless consumers anticipate snagging good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On the other hand, small business owners eagerly await the Saturday in between those days, Shop Small Saturday. This allows consumers to support small businesses during the most beneficial time when many need a little extra support. Their deals and discounts may not be as flashy as your favorite retail, but shopping small can have an impact on a small business-especially post pandemic.

What is Shop Small Saturday?

In 2010, American Express created a campaign designed to help support shopping at local small businesses after the Great Recession. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the campaign encouraged consumers to focus on shopping local while checking off their holiday gift list. Now, 12 years later, the campaign is still going strong and here in Kernersville, we have extended those days to the second Saturday in June, July and August.

Additionally, small business owners will open their shops and drive traffic to their websites and offer deals on their products or services. Businesses will also join forces to create events surrounding their sales, while others run online discounts so you can shop your favorite stores from home.

Why Shop Small Business Saturday?

Because of the internet, you can now shop with businesses regardless of your location, but one of the main purposes of Small Business Saturday, is to encourage consumers to shop with local businesses. When you shop locally, you will support both small business owners and your community as a whole. Your purchases will help bring tax dollars to your neighborhood, make it possible for small businesses to give back to the community and create local employment opportunities.

You may be supporting a lifelong passion or giving a parent flexibility while raising their children and also helping the small business owner realize the rewards of their determination and hard work

Why is Small Business Saturday So Important this Year?

While shopping local is always important, it’s is even more crucial now, as many business owners are struggling to recover from the pandemic. The pandemic quickly impacted small businesses with many having to temporarily stop operating, limit the hours of operations or lay off employees.

Now with our brick-and-mortar businesses ready and eager to welcome in-person shoppers, a strong consumer presence this upcoming holiday season could be just the thing local small businesses need to get back on track. 

This year Small Business Saturday will take place on November 26th, 2022. By shopping small, you can make a difference for your community, small business owners and their employees. This year, you should go beyond driving through Downtown Kernersville and talk a walk. There are over 100 businesses in Downtown Kernersville that may not be seen with a quick drive through.